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Money Mindset

How do you feel about money?

It’s your relationship with money that is more important than the amount you earn or what you own. And then it’s the choices and decisions you make with the money that you have.

To better understand your money mindset, try answering the below questions either individually or with your partner:

1. Did your family talk about money growing up?

2. Do you feel the need to justify your spending? How would you label your spending habits?3. What keeps you awake at night about your finances?

4. Do you know what your financial goals are?

5. Has the pandemic changed the way you spend? Will you do anything differently once normal lifestyles return?

If you’re not comfortable with your answers, try to visualize the life you want or goals you wish to achieve. Understandably, it is challenging right now, and everyone’s financial situation has been impacted differently. Know that you can take charge and be the designer of your own life.

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