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About South East Financial Group


South East Financial Group started in 2019 with Shane and Suz wanting to create a financial experience that is client focus and client friendly. Suz and Shane had been working together since 2015 working on a way to create a better Financial Planning experience. SEFG was established focusing on client goals to provide holistic financial advice in an affordable way.

Co-founders Shane and Suzannah are specifically passionate about leaving the world in a better place both through their actions in their daily lives, their business practices and of course through the investments they choose for their clients. They also strongly support educating youth about financial responsibilities and creating tailored approaches for their clients to achieve financial freedom and whatever their goals may be. Their love for nature, sustainability and the environment are a large focus within their work, and they aim to provide this freedom and lifestyle to all those they work with. 


Why choose South East Financial Group? 

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